Video Taping Release Form


A paper was handed out to students on Wednesday, October 28, 2009 in Chemistry class.I have asked that students fill out the paper and return it to me as soon as possible.In part, the form reads:


Dear Parent/Guardian:

I am a participant this school year in an assessment to certify experienced teachers as outstanding practitioners in teaching.My participation in this assessment, which is being conducted by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, is voluntary.The primary purposes of this assessment are to enhance student learning and encourage excellence in teaching.


This project requires that short video recordings of lessons taught in your childís class be submitted.Although the video recordings involve both the teacher and various students, the primary focus is on the teacherís instruction, not on the students in the class.In the course of the recording, your child may appear on the video.Also, at times during the year, I may be asked to submit samples of student work as evidence of teaching practice, and that work may include some of your childís work.


No studentís last name will appear on any materials that are submitted.NBPTS, at its sole discretion, may use and distribute my video recording(s), my comments and my classroom materials for assessment, professional development and research purposes, and any other purpose NBPTS deems appropriate to further the mission of the organization.The form below will be used to document your permission for these activities.



Christa Duncan



Link to a copy of the release form (the form is on page 75 of the pdf document that comes up on your screen)


Link to the NBPTS website for more information


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