I. Introduction to Stoichiometry

A. Mole Ratios

B. Mole Mole Stoichiometry Problems


II. Mass Relationships

A.                  Mole Mass Stoichiometry Problems

B.                  Mass Mole Stoichiometry Problems

C.                  Mass Mass Stoichiometry Problems

D.                 Stoichiometry Steps / Map


III. Percent Yield


IV. Limiting Reactant (Honors level only)



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North Carolina Essential Standards and Clarifying Objectives:

Chm. 2.2 Analyze chemical reactions in terms of quantities, product formation, and energy.

            2.2.4 Analyze the stoichiometric relationships inherent in a chemical reaction.

         Interpret coefficients of a balanced equation as mole ratios.

         Use mole ratios from the balanced equation to calculate the quantity of one substance in a reaction given the quantity of another substance in the reaction. (given moles, particles, mass, or volume and ending with moles, particles, mass, or volume of the desired substance)