Stoichiometry 2
Solve the following:

1. What mass (in grams) of sodium oxide is produced by the reaction of 1.44 grams of sodium with
excess oxygen?         __ Na + __ O2
__ Na2O

2. What mass (in kg) of water will be given off when 19.2 kg of octane (C8H18) is burned completely in
air? __ C8H18 + __ O2 __ CO2 + __ H2O

How many grams of Al2(SO4)3 are need to react with KCl in order to produce 12.45 grams of K2SO4?
                    __ Al2(SO4)3 +    __ KCl
   __ AlCl3 + __ K2SO4  

4. Hydrogen gas can be produced through the following unbalanced reaction.
                    __ Mg  +    __ HCl 
     __ MgCl2  +    __ H2
a. What mass of HCl is consumed by the reaction of 2.50 moles of magnesium?
   b. What mass of each product is produced in part a.? 

5. Acetylene gas, C2H2, used in welding, produces an extremely hot flame when it burns in pure oxygen
according to the following unbalanced reaction.
                        __ C2H2 +    __ O2
    __ CO2 +    __ H2O
How many grams of each product are produced when 2.50 x 104 grams of C2H2 burn completely?

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