Using Molecular Models to Balance Eqns.

Balance the equations written for each numbered item.  Using the key below, put together the reactants with the models and then draw and color them.  Then, using only the reactant models, take them apart to create the products.  (The atoms should balance on each side of the equation.)  Draw and color the products on your paper.  Note:  You must draw and color all units that are represented by the balanced equation.

BLACK = carbon                BLUE = nitrogen                    YELLOW = hydrogen
RED = oxygen                    GREEN = chlorine                 ORANGE = potassium
PURPLE = iodine

1.        C            +            H2            -->      &      CH4


2.        K            +            Cl2            -->      &      KCl


3.        N2            +            O2            -->      &      NO2


4.        H2            +            Cl2            -->      &      HCl


5.        KI            +            Cl2            -->      &      KCl            +            I2


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