Part 1 Write the formulas for the following compounds:

1.) chromium (III) acetate

2.) silver iodide

3.) calcium perchlorate

4.) carbon disulfide

5.) zinc hydroxide

6.) cesium phosphide

7.) ammonium sulfate

8.) copper (I) oxide


Part 2 Name the following compounds:

9.) LiNO3

10.) PCl3

11.) ZnCO3

12.) Pb(CrO4)2

13.) AlF3

14.) NiS

15.) NH4NO3

16.) K3N


Part 3 Determine the oxidation number and percent composition of the underlined element in the compound:

17.) K2C2O4

18.) Ca(ClO)2


Part 4 Solve the following problems:

19.) Benzoic acid is a compound used as a food preservative. The compound contains 68.8 % carbon, 4.95 % hydrogen, and 26.2 %
oxygen. What is the empirical formula for benzoic acid? If the molar mass of the molecular formula is 122 g/mole, what is the
molecular formula?

20.) A hydrated sample of cobalt (II) chloride has a mass of 29.7 grams. Once all of the water has evaporated from the sample,
16.2 grams of anhydrous salt remain. What is the empirical formula for this hydrate?

CoCl2 . ___ H2O


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