~ Cut out all positive and negative ions.

~ For each of the following, match all points on both ions together. Use as many ions as you
need to match all of the points. Glue the ions together with their points matching.

~ Under the ions, write the formula for the compound.

        Write the positive ion first.

        Subscripts tell how many of each ion was used.

~ Then write the name of the compound.

1.) Li and F 10.) Cu (I) and SO4

2.) Fe (III) and NO3 11.) Na and N

3.) K and PO4 12.) NH4 and PO4

4.) Mg and Cl 13.) Ag and CO3

5.) Na and HCO3 14.) Fe (III) and ClO3

6.) Cu (II) and O 15.) K and I

7.) Li and CO3 16.) Ni (II) and OH

8.) Cu (I) and Br 17.) NH4 and NO3

9.) Ag and Cl 18.) 2 more compounds of your choice



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