How many elements does
                                                                    the compound contain?
        BINARY CMPD. <------------------------ only 2    |     more than 2 ------------------------> TERTIARY CMPD.

Is the first element a
nonmetal or a metal? ------------------> Is the metal in Group 1, 2, or                                  Is the first element a
     |                                                   Al, Zn, or Ag?                       <-------------------------metal or a nonmetal?
     V                                                  yes                             no                                                              |
1. name of first                                    |                                  \                                                             V
    element with                                   V                                   V                                        1. first word =
    prefix telling                    1. name of first                 1. name of first                                        "ammonium"
    subscript of                         element                           element                                         2. second word =
    first element*                 2. name of second             2. (Roman numeral                               name of second
2. prefix telling                       element with -ide               telling oxidation                                element with
    subscript of                        ending or name of              number of first                                -ide ending or
    second element                  polyatomic ion                    element)                                         name of poly-
    with name of                                                          3. name of second                                   atomic ion
    second element                                                          element with -ide           
    with -ide ending                                                         ending or name of
                                                                                    polyatomic ion
* no prefix on first word
   if there is no subscript

1.) P2O5

2.) MgSO4

3.) CuCl2

4.) (NH4)3PO4

5.) FeCO3

6.) K2O

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