Each numbered exercise contains element clues that will help you fill in the blanks and learn the identity of the missing word.  Use the symbol for the element in each blank space.

a.  Transition metal number 24                                                            _____  _____  _____
b.  A common solid halogen                                                                 A baby's bed
  Element at top of Group 13

a.  An active alkaline earth metal with 56 protons                                 _____  _____  _____
b.  The alkali metal of period 3                                                            A delicious yellow fruit
  The metal element that makes up table salt

a.  The first of the alkali metals                                                          _____  _____  _____
b.  The first element of Group 16                                                        The king of the jungle
c.  A period 2 nonmetal with 5 valence electrons

a.  Element with atomic number 31                                                    _____  _____  _____
b.  The last of the alkaline earth metals                                              A place to park the car
c.  Mendeleev predicted the existence of this metalloid

a.  The first element in the Actinide Series                                         _____  _____  _____
b.  Period 2 nonmetal with 6 valence electrons                                   A squirrel's treat
c.  The last of the noble gases

a.  A transition metal used in incandescent light bulbs                        _____  _____  _____  _____
b.  Period 4, Group 15 element                                                        Watch out for a nest of these!
c.  The second element in Group 15
d.  Period 3 element with 6 valence electrons

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