1.  What is an electron cloud?

2.  Name the three major divisions within an electron cloud with respect to the energy of an electron.

3.  What letter represents the principal quantum number?

4.  What does the principle quantum number tell about an electron?

5.  What formula is used to determine the maximum number of electrons that can occupy any energy level?

6.  What is the maximum number of electrons for each of the following?
        (A) 1st energy level        (B) 4th energy level        (C) n = 3        (D) n = 5

7.  Energy levels are divided into _______________.

8.  How can we determine the possible number of sublevels in any energy level?

9.  Name the four primary sublevels in order of increasing energy.

10.  Circle the sublevel that represents the lowest energy in each pair.
        (A) 1s or 2s            (B) 2s or 2p            (C) 4f or 4d            (D) 3d or 4s            (E) 7s or 5d
        (F) 6s or 4s            (G) 4p or 5p            (H) 3s or 3d            (I) 2p or 3s

11.  Sublevels are divided into _______________.

12.  Each orbital can hold up to _______________ electrons.

13.  Sketch the shapes of the orbitals for the sublevels listed.
        (A) s:                                (B) px:                                (C) py:                                (D) pz:


14.  How many orbitals are in each sublevel?
        (A) s _______________    (B) p _______________    (C) d _______________    (D) f _______________

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