“Elements Necessary for Life” Project


THE ASSIGNMENT:  You have been asked by the American Chemical Society (ACS) to design an advertisement which promotes an element that is necessary for the health and well-being of the human body.  You must choose the age group (children, teenagers, adults, or senior citizens) and gender (male or female) you intend to target, as the nutritional requirements for your element may change depending on these factors.  Pregnancy may also be a factor you need to account for.  For example, the daily requirements for the element calcium vary depending on whether you are male or female, and whether you are a child, teenager, adult, or senior.  In addition to this, pregnant and nursing women have additional calcium requirements for their diet.  Not every element will have different RDIs for each of these groups, so you will need to check carefully.


Your advertisement must be presented in such a way that the average reader in your age group will understand it.  Do not rely only on text in your presentation.  For example, add some visual aids such as tables to convey information, or pictures of food where your element can be found.


You have five (5) options for presenting your advertisement:

1.            Tri-fold pamphlet (Click here to see the details of a tri-fold pamphlet.)

2.            Elemental “baseball” card (Click here to see the details of an elemental “baseball” card.)

3.            PowerPoint presentation (Click here to see the details of a PowerPoint presentation.)

4.            Pre-taped video commercial presentation (Click here to see the details of a videotaped commercial.)

5.            Website (on CD) - (Click here to see the details of a website.)


The following are REQUIRED information for your advertisement:

ü  Element name, symbol, & atomic number

ü  Target audience (age group & gender)

ü  Recommended daily intake (RDI)

ü  Main food sources of the element

ü  Why does your body need this element?  How does it help your body?

ü  Problems if you get too much of this element in your body (include symptoms)

ü  Problems if you get too little of this element in your body (include symptoms)

ü  Are mineral supplements containing this element available at the local pharmacy?

(Look specifically for a supplement that only contains one element, not a multivitamin.  Use a multivitamin as a last resort, and let your audience know that you are referring to a multivitamin if you do so.)

ü  The total cost and number of pills per package of the mineral supplement

ü  The cost of each pill in the package

ü  The number of pills that would be required to achieve the RDI for your element (This will not necessarily be the recommended dose it says to take on the package.)

ü  The average cost for a daily supplement?  (If you use a multivitamin, pay attention to the percentage of recommended daily allowance of the element in that multivitamin.)

ü  A bibliography which includes at least three (3) reliable sources (including books, complete website addresses, magazines, etc.)


Click here to get a copy of the grading rubric for this project.


You will be working alone on this project.  This project will be worth 35 points.


NOTE:  If you have any specific questions regarding any of the presentation options, see your instructor.  Do not make any assumptions.  If you are unsure about anything, ask.  If you would like to add your own creative touch or use a different type of presentation, make sure you get approval from your instructor.  Moreover, the stated requirements for this project must be met regardless of which presentation option you use.


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This project and its description were developed by Michael Geyer with assistance from Cynthia Bell.  It has been modified slightly from its original form by Christa Duncan.