Pamphlet Presentation


Your pamphlet must be designed so that it can be folded into thirds and will have six panels for presenting your information. The following are the minimum requirements for your pamplet:

      Title panel must show the element name and symbol

      Back panel must include your bibliography (at least three sources), with your name at the bottom of the panel

      You must use some color in designing your pamphlet. Black and white only is not acceptable.


Fold in


Front (cover)

Fold over top


Your resources, bibliography, and name on center back panel.


Start with an 8 x 11 inch piece of paper on its side.








Info about your ele-ment

Format: A tri-fold pamphlet is generally laid out as in the figure below:

Please pay attention to the details shown at the left

and below so that you will not lose points during


      DO NOT use ruled or lined paper. Plain white paper is OK, but heavier paper is preferred.

      TYPED pamphlets are preferred. If you must write by hand, PRINT NEATLY in INK. If you use pencil to help you lay out the pamphlet, make sure that it is erased before you turn it in.

      If you cannot set your computer to make the columns necessary to properly fold the pamphlet, print out the information (so that it fits on your pamphlet) and glue it to the paper.

      Check your spelling and grammar it counts!








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