Unit 2 Matter & Change

I.    Classification of Matter

        A.    Heterogeneous vs. Homogeneous

        B.    Pure Substance vs. Solution

        C.    Element, Compound, Mixture

II.    Properties & Changes in Matter

        A.    Physical vs. Chemical Properties

        B.    Physical vs. Chemical Changes

                1.    States of Matter

                2.    Evidence of a Chemical Change

III.       Introduction to the Periodic Table

     A.    Periods & Groups

   B.    Metals & Nonmetals

  C.    Specific Group, Period Location


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North Carolina Essential Standards and Clarifying Objectives:

Chm. 2.2 Analyze chemical reactions in terms of quantities, product formation, and energy.

            Chm. 2.2.2 Analyze the evidence of chemical change.

         Color Change - Distinguish between color change as a result of chemical reaction, and a change in color intensity as a result of dilution.


Chm. 3.2 Understand solutions and the solution process.

            Chm. 3.2.4 Summarize the properties of solutions.

         Define solutions as homogeneous mixtures in a single phase.