Classify the following as being a chemical or a physical change.

1.    Sodium hydroxide dissolves in water.

2.    Hydrochloric acid reacts with potassium hydroxide to produce a salt, water, and heat.

3.    A pellet of sodium is sliced in two.

4.    Water is heated and changed to steam.

5.    Potassium chlorate decomposes to potassium chloride and oxygen gas.

6.    Iron rusts.

7.    When placed in water, a sodium pellet catches on fire as hydrogen gas is liberated and sodium
       hydroxide forms.

8.    Evaporation.

9.    Ice melting.

10.    Milk sours.

11.    Sugar dissolves in water.

12.    Wood rotting.

13.    Pancakes cooking on a griddle.

14.    Grass growing in a lawn.

15.    A tire is inflated with air.

16.    Food is digested in the stomach.

17.    Water is absorbed by a paper towel.


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