INSTRUCTIONS FOR SIDE 2: (NOTE: There will be parts of this Periodic Table that are not colored.)

1.) Color the noble gases blue.


2.) Color the transition metals yellow.


3.) Color the alkaline earth metals orange.


4.) Color the halogens green.


5.) Color the inner transition elements purple. (The inner transition elements are the two rows at the bottom
seemingly separated from the rest of the Periodic Table.)


6.) Color the alkali metals red. (Hydrogen is not considered an alkali metal.)


7.) Write the number of each group at the top of the column (1 18).


8.) Draw diagonal lines (from the lower left to the upper right - /) in the boxes of the elements in the Lanthanide
Series. (NOTE: The boxes that you will draw these lines in will already be colored.)


9.) Draw diagonal lines (from the upper left to the lower right - \) in the boxes of the elements in the Actinide
Series. (NOTE: These boxes will also already be colored.)
































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