1.)  A mass of air occupies a volume of 5.7 L at a pressure of 52.7 kPa.  What is the new pressure if
      the same mass of air at the same temperature is transferred to a 2.0 L container?
      (Answer = 150 kPa)

2.)  A volume of 20.0 L of O2 is warmed from -30.0 oC to 85.0 oC.  What is the new volume if the
      pressure is kept constant?
     (Answer = 29.5 L)

3.)  A rigid container holds a gas at a pressure of 55 kPa at a temperature of -100 oC.  What will
      the pressure be when the temperature is increased to 200 oC?
      (Answer = 150 kPa)

4.)  What is the mass of a sample of CO2 that has a volume of 75.0 mL at 30.0 oC and 91.0 kPa?
      (Answer = 0.119 g)

5.)  What is the volume of a sample of N2 that has a mass of 50.0 grams and is under a pressure of
      125 kPa at 27.0 oC?
      (Answer = 35.6 L)

6.)  Determine the total pressure of a gas mixture that contains CO, Ne, and He if the partial
      pressures of the gases are PCO = 155 kPa, PNe = 83 kPa, and PHe = 34 kPa.
      (Answer = 272 kPa)

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