What pressure is exerted by 1.0 mole of an  ideal gas contained in a 1.0 L vessel at 0.0 oC?

2.)  What volume will 5.0 moles of an ideal gas occupy at 25.0 oC and 1.5 atm of pressure?

3.)  Calculate the molar mass of a gas if 4.5 L of the gas at 785 torr and 23.5 oC has a mass of
       13.5 grams.

4.)  0.453 moles of a gas confined to a 15.0 L container exerts a pressure of 1.24 atm on the
        walls of the container.  What is the temperature of the gas (in oC)?

5.)  5.4 grams of carbon dioxide are confined to a 20.0 L container at a temperature of 32.5 oC.
      What pressure does the gas exert?

6.)  2.125 grams of a gas in a 1.25 L container exert a pressure of 0.838 atm at 40.0 oC.  What is
      the molar mass of the gas?

7.)  To what temperature must 10.0 grams of ammonia gas have to be heated in a 15.0 L
      container in order for it to exert a pressure of 3.50 atm?

8.)  2.0 x 10-5 grams of hydrogen gas at 155 oC exert a pressure of 322.5 torr on the walls of a
      small cylindrical tube.  What is the volume of the tube?