Gas Law Problems
  The gas pressure in an aerosol can is 1.5 atm at 25 oC.  Assuming that the gas inside obeys the
      ideal gas equation, what would the pressure be if the can were heated to 450 oC?

2.)  A pocket of gas is discovered in a deep drilling operation.  The gas has a temperature of 480 oC
      and is at a pressure of 12.8 atm.  Assume ideal behavior.  What volume of the gas is required to
      provide 18.0 L at the surface at 1.00 atm and 22 oC?

3.)  A fixed quantity of gas is compressed at constant temperature from a volume of 368 mL to 108
      mL.  If the initial pressure was 5.22 atm, what is the final pressure?

4.)  A gas originally at 15 oC and having a volume of 182 mL is reduced in volume to 82.0 mL while its
      pressure is held constant.  What is its final temperature?

5.)  At 36 oC and 1.00 atm pressure, a gas occupies a volume of 0.600 L.  How many liters will it
      occupy at 0.0 oC and 0.205 atm?

6.)  What is the temperature at which 9.87 x 10-2 moles occupies 164 mL at 0.645 atm?

7.)  Chlorine is widely used to purify municipal water supplies and to treat swimming pool waters.
      Suppose that the volume of a particular sample of Cl2 is 6.18 L at 0.90 atm and 33 oC.  What
      volume will the Cl2 occupy at 107 oC and 0.75 atm?

8.)  A gas exerts a pressure of 1.5 atm at 27 oC.  The temperature is increased to 108 oC with no
      volume change.  What is the gas pressure at the higher temperature?

Answers:  1.) 3.6 atm        2.) 3.59 L or 3.6 L            3.) 17.8 atm            4.) 130 K or 130. K
2.59 L or 2.6 L              6.) 13.1 K                           7.) 9.2 L                  8.) 1.9 atm 

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