Quick Quizzes 

Students can also expect to have a short "Quick Quiz" each class period.  The students will usually take these quizzes after we have gone over the homework assignment for a certain topic.  These "QQ's" are usually worth about twice as much as a homework assignment.  I like to give the students a short quiz every day so that I can tell right away if most of the students are comprehending the topic that was covered.  

Often, students get frustrated looking at a homework assignment that they are confused about.  Having a daily quiz alleviates the need for me checking homework for accuracy.  However, I always expect students to do their homework.  The homework I give (unless it is a reading guide) will always correlate to the topic that was covered in class.  Therefore, I expect students to make their very best effort on their homework.  I know that not all students will understand everything and be able to do all of their homework problems exactly right every night.  However, I expect to see the effort being put in on their part.  A student should never come to class empty- handed and say, "I didn't understand how to do it."  That is not acceptable.  I always expect all of my students to do their very best and try everything that is assigned.

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