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Mid-Term Review Materials!

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Units of Study:

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Unit 1 – Measurement & Math

Ques. of the Day

Unit 2 – Matter & Change

Site Map

Unit 3 – Atoms

Honors Chemistry

Unit 4 – Electrons

Grading & Testing

Unit 5 – Periodic Table

Getting Help

Unit 6 – Bonding

Lab Safety Rules

Unit 7 – Chemical Formulas

General Information

Unit 8 – Reactions

NC Objectives

Unit 9 – Stoichiometry

Parent’s Page

Unit 10 – Gases


Unit 11 – Solids, Liquids,& Phase Changes

Daily Agendas

Unit 12 – Solutions

Other Reference Materials

Unit 13 – Equilibrium

World of Chemistry videos

Unit 14 – Acids & Bases


Unit 15 – Reaction Energy


Unit 16 – Nuclear Chemistry



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