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Units of Study:                                   Other Links:


Unit 1 – Measurement & Math             Daily Agendas    


Unit 2 – Matter & Change                  Lab Safety Rules


Unit 3 – Atoms                              General Information


Unit 4 – Electrons                           NC Objectives     


Unit 5 – Periodic Table                     Getting Help


Unit 6 – Bonding                             Grading & Testing


Unit 7 – Chemical Formulas                Other Reference Materials


Unit 8 – Reactions                           Honors Chemistry


Unit 9 – Stoichiometry                     Redox Reactions


Unit 10 – Gases                              Parent’s Page


Unit 11 – Solids, Liquids,& Phase Changes   


Unit 12 – Solutions                          Supplies


Unit 13 – Equilibrium                        Forms


Unit 14 – Acids & Bases                    Site Map


Unit 15 – Reaction Energy                 World of Chemistry videos


Unit 16 – Nuclear Chemistry

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Please e-mail Ms. Duncan (christa.duncan@cms.k12.nc.us) with any questions, comments, or concerns.  Also let me know if any links between pages do not work.  I hope this website helps you in your Chemistry studies!


Link to the new reference tables online!


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